Monday, February 15, 2010

Our valentine's weekend

Can I just tell you that I am astounded by the love in our life? I receive so much from my friends and family; it really is remarkable. I've always been an "in the closet" Valentine's day lover. I can look right past all the commercialism. The whole concept of expressing appreciation and love for those that you care about is my kind of holiday. That, and I secretly adore the combination of red and white. So, here are some glimpses of this weekend's treats.
Can you see the fairies flitting around with us in Friday night's snow?

I finally embraced the sheer beauty and stopped grumbling.

Chocolate peanut butter cup making.... the recipe from some one's blog, but I can't remember who now. Email me if you want it... it's too die for.

Placed in a reused container decorated with some Modge Podge and fabric.

Cookies made at a friend's, filled with their homemade cherry jam!

A quick little surprise for my big girl, using a nothing special shirt from her drawer.

What were your valentine's treats? I'd love to hear.


Melissa said...

My husband and I sat on the sofa, one side of an headphones in each of our ears, finding new music to love on youtube and Itunes. Somehow, it was magical. Your weekend looks lovely!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Glad to see you embracing the snow.

We had a girlfriend spend the day with us. She gave me a reflexology treatment, we drank garam masala hot cocoa, then made calzones for dinner. And she even gave the girls mini feet treatments and pretty toes. Relaxing for all of us.

patty a. said...

I have had those chocolate peanut butter cups in the past and they are the bomb! I had completely forgotten about them - thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos especially the one of those two precious children dancing with the fairies!! Uh! We did a get-away to the beach and guess what? IT snowed!... more down there than in Charlotte!! It was quite fun to see snowmen at the beach. Plus it was nice to spend time with old buds... just hanging out and catching up. Like I want to do with you all. The cookies look fantastic! noreen

Wendy said...

Beautiful V-day pics, especially the children dancing in the snow... We went out to dinner, and he got me a radio/ipod doc combo for my sewing room!

Anonymous said...

That's so cute! I wanna eat all those yummies.

We made friendship cards for all of Roan's friends.