Friday, February 12, 2010

It's snowing again...

Can you hear my curses from here?! It is beautiful, but will not really be enough to go sledding in. I was thinking about a trail run in the morning, but it will be enought to ruin that. Foiled again. I'm fluffing out the tops of my jeans, people! This is not good. I am NOT buying, or for that matter, making new pants. No way.

Thank you for all of your wise input about the quilt donation. I gave it to our school yesterday afternoon and the minute I walked out, I knew I had done the right thing. Oddly, my friend Liz let me know in the comments from yesterday's post that a bag I had donated for her school will be paired with her pillows in their school auction. And they didn't know we are friends! Another total aside is that the pink fabric in that donated bag is from skirts that I helped another friend of ours (Miss Heather G., you know who you are) make for their breast cancer fundraising walk in Boston. It just all comes full circle, this giving thing. Now, I just need to work on embracing the snow.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends, no matter what your weather brings!

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Diane said...

Hi! Just found your site, and I love your work. Your post made me smile...please send your snow our way! We live up north, love the snow, and have nothing on the ground! :O