Friday, April 10, 2009

I finished the quilt in time for her birthday. It's a twin size for her new big girl bunk bed. Actually, truth be told, I didn't actually completely finish it. The binding has yet to be slip stitched. I had counted on doing that during the evenings after I gave it to her, but she's insisted on sleeping under it every night. The picture above is a nice portion of it without the unfinished edges. They may stay that way for a while.
This quilt was made from a pattern called "Turning Twenty" and uses 20 fat quarters for a twin. It is super fast to cut and piece. I choose it because I was short on time, but also because I love how it shows off big chunks of fabric. I've had this pattern for a long time. The backing fabric I've had for an even longer time, waiting for the day when I would use those Alexander Henry fish for my daughter's twin quilt. Seriously, she wasn't even two yet when I bought the fabric.

I always reminisce when I quilt. This time was no exception. Of course, I thought about my daughter and these past six years of being with her. But I found myself thinking back quite a lot to the days of my favorite quilt shop. It was called Piece Gardens, and has since closed it's doors. I know many locals probably grieve that loss. It was the first fabric shop I walked into whose collection of fabrics inspired me to want to create. Sometimes I would go there just to be inspired and purchase nothing at all. It was warm, friendly, and the owner's selection of contemporary fabrics was outstanding. I always felt welcome there with my children. The owner knew my daughter's name before she knew mine. (We eventually became good friends and still are.) She would play with my daughter while I looked at fabric. It was the kind of place where it was just fine to sit down and breastfeed if we needed. I've been to many fabric stores now, and I have to tell you that this kind of shop is not easy to come by.

I'll never forget the first time I saw the Amy Butler line above in her shop. Ginger Bliss. I used some from that collection for our queen size quilt on our bed. I searched far and wide back then to find as many colorways as I could in her line. And, I can remember when it wasn't easy to find Amy Butler prints! The industry has come so far in the past six years, and changed so much. Hmmm.... but I've digressed. My best friends can tell you that I have a tendency to tell very long-winded stories once I get going. Well, the sun has just come out so it's time to unplug, and go play. Enough of these ramblings. Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Here's to more communities with wonderful local quilt shops!


Cheryl Arkison said...

Those kind of stores are hard to come by!
The quilt looks great, what a fun combination of fabrics.

Melissa said...

We are mourning the upcoming loss of one of our favorite stores-- more of a specialty sewing store, but the nicest people you'll ever meet, and a beautiful selection of fabrics. Stinky economy.

I love that quilt-- it makes me sort of want to try one. Do you hand quilt or macine quilt?

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

I just made that first photo my desktop background so I can stare at all my favorite fabrics!