Sunday, December 6, 2009

There is something about a clean home...

The sad reality is that around here we rarely achieve this. It is usually cluttered, dusty, and well, definitely very lived in. Yes, our home is filled with joy, and a rowdy exuberance that borders on chaos some days. It is wonderful in it's own way, but rarely clean.

Each family member prefers to create, rather than keep things clean and neat. A friend always reminds me that it's more important to do all that we're doing than keep a perfectly neat home. She often points out that these years will be gone before I know it.

So... it takes a visitor coming to get us to clean up like this.

Don't laugh. I ran around taking pictures before he got here so that I could relish the cleanliness in photograph form. (The dust is, as I write, resuming residence... and the clutter? I won't say more.)

But, I do enjoy the sense of peace that I feel when things are clean and orderly. It's such a toss up. Do I run around, picking up after everyone and constantly giving reminders to put things away? Or do you let go and give in, enjoying all the moments that you can?

I'm aiming for a balance between the two... we'll see how that goes.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Look at all that colour! I love it.

Yes, it is a balance. I'm just working on all of us actually putting things away once we're done with them. I'm started to institute a new rule - the living room has to be tidy before we leave the house. It makes the day better if I can walk in and not be drained just at the mere presence of the clutter.

Noreen said...

Wow! I miss your house so much... tidy or not so tidy!! What a sweet place with many happy memories. Mostly I miss you Heather, John, Ellery and Leo! See you all soon, Noreen

pattynubs said...

Love the red cupboards! Some how you just feel better with a clean house. I live alone and it is hard to keep things orderly when quilting can be such a distraction. Unfortuantely I don't have anyone to blame for any messes!

Melissa said...

Heather, your home is so beautiful-- thank you for sharing the pictures! I love all of it-- and I'm with you on the clean/not clean. I hate mess-it makes me tired and sucks my creativity out of me. But I just don't have time to keep it neat and keep creating... your light coming in is so lovely I'm sure it hides a multitude of messes, though!

Wendy said...

I know exactly what you mean, it really is a balancing act! I've found just getting rid of extra stuff like it looks like you did really helps.
I LOVE your red kitchen!