Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratitude necklaces and corn husk dolls

We have been busy little bees. Everyone in our family helped with the makings of these. The kids gathered acorns, daddy drilled the holes, and I felted many little colorful balls. We call them our gratitude necklaces and it really was such a fun project to work on together. Honest. We made about 60, enough for all of the children in both kids' classes, plus some to share with friends.

We sent in a little note to the teachers of both classes for them to read when they hand out the necklaces if they chose. It said:

Bears, squirrels, and deer all feel grateful when they find acorns on the ground for their food.
These necklaces can be a little reminder of the things and people in our lives that we are grateful for.
Our son and daughter were so excited to take them to share with their friends at school. It made the effort worth it. My favorite part, though, was how it engaged us as a family. We were all focused on our little project, and it inspired a sense of pride in even our youngest when our task was accomplished. Last night, my husband and I stayed up talking while we glued and threaded necklaces together. If only life could be so simple all the time.

These are the corn husk dolls that we made yesterday in preparation for a craft project that I am leading at my daughter's school today. A very nice tutorial explains the process here. Now, my six year old wants to make a horse to go with the dolls. Hmmm. I hadn't counted on that, but we might have to give it a go.

So... we are looking forward to the holiday tomorrow and through the weekend. We will be spending time with several dear friends... sharing meals, walking in the woods, and maybe even a little crafting. My wish for each of you is a peaceful and joy filled holiday. I will be reminding myself to slow down and take a moment to consider all that I am grateful for.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Lovely, just lovely.
Hmm, I wonder if I would ever get my Hubby to do something like that?

Jen Chandler said...

The necklaces and dolls are wonderful! What neat projects you and your family did together. The idea of sitting up all night crafting with my husband is so wonderful. I long for the day when we both work from home doing our art and can.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dana said...

Love these. And all they mean.