Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quilt Along, Anyone?

Alrighty, then! The seeds are in... for the most part. Sure, in two weeks I will need to plant more beans, carrots, and what ever else I can squeeze in. Has anyone else noticed that planting seeds goes a whole lot slower with little hands' help? Oh so worth it, though! I just have to remind myself. The memories I will have, the learning they get, the sharing. (The sharing is the most torturous part around here. Any advice on good books for sibling rivalry between a 2 yr. old and a 6 yr. old? You let me know... it's got to be a really good one for me to read a parenting book.)

So... onward and upward! How about a quilt along? Several of my friends, ahem... you know who you are... have said that they'd like to try a small quilt. Now is the time, girls! Dana over at Old Red Barn Co. is hosting. She's wonderful, and I go to her blog, leaving it there for the music alone. I make dinner almost every night to this awesome woman's playlist; she is inspiring, down to earth, and just a lovely soul. Anywho... this is the first week. Go see. You have to commit this week and pick out your fabrics. It will be fun. There's no obligation. So what if you don't finish? Just do it! It's the only way to quilt. So here's my fabric selection from my stash. Kaffe Fassett. I saw him give a little talk last year about color. He's quite a character. Hmmm... I'm way off track. I forgot to mention that participating in the quilt along could help you win a Janome sewing machine. Check it out... by next Monday it's cutting time.


Liz said...

Am I one of those people!!? I think I may have to join in. May be what I need to actually try a quilt!I just cleaned up my stash so I could find something to use for sure! Thanks for the link.

Melissa said...

I wish I had time for this-- I actually really want to learn how to quilt. I'm scared of the precision factor, though.

Isn't it funny, I had no idea Kaffe Fasset was a person? I thought it was a company name. I'm mad at one of his prints this year-- it looked like it would match everything, but it looks funny whenever I put it into a garmet. Grrr.