Monday, May 18, 2009

Her self portrait

I know it probably isn't all that becoming to brag about your kids. Still, there is a time and place for everything, isn't there? My daughter is just about to complete Kindergarten. Her teacher is less than I had hoped for, and still my daughter continues to thrive. She has handled this school year with more grace and enthusiasm than I could ever imagine myself mustering up given her classroom situation.

When we got the note from her art teacher at school telling us that her work was chosen for display at the local mall, I'll admit I inwardly groaned. The mall is one of my least favorite places. I knew that because I'm a good mom I needed to take her there to view her work. It was important to her, and it should be. Honestly though, nearly every day since she could hold a crayon, this girl has been creating art. Of course, I encourage her artistic endeavors, and marvel at her creations (that is one of my favorite parts about being a mom.) I just didn't want to go to the mall to do it. But we went, and I nearly fell over when we finally found her work. Even her own mother could hardly believe how spectacular her work was. Really. The photograph of it just doesn't do it justice.

Her painting is a self portrait and so completely captures her capricious spirit. My sister once described her as "spicy" and that's so true! Now, though as she's just turned six, there is an element of seriousness to her that was only an undercurrent before. She will tell you, if you ask, that she would like to be an artist when she grows up. She says this with such determination that I am blown away. I truly believe that is exactly what she will do, or at least one of the things she will do if she's anything like her mother.

So, my sweet girl's Kindergarten masterpiece is now framed in her room, grinning at me every single time I pass by. Thanks for bearing with my bragging, friends. You are good to me.

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Melissa said...

Oh, brag away! That really is spectacular. I envy her talent!