Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Twirly skirts and seven year old girls

I absolutely love celebrating my children's birthdays. I am wrapped in memories of their births each year, and savor them like a fine wine. I get giddy planning the little surprises and treats. There is no shortage of excitement around here on birthdays. She was surrounded by loved ones and treats all weekend. It was unforgettable.

This year it was a bit more down to the wire than usual, but I was able to uncover my sewing machine and get busy making 3 twirly skirts for her. The tutorial is one that I found from 2008. It's here at Seven Layer Studio and gives directions for a range of sizes. I'm thrilled with it. It was quick to make and involved only 1 tier of gathering. That's a bonus! Last year I made this one and the second tier of gathering became tedious. I only made two more after that because I got tired of dealing with the gathering.

The only deviation I made from this tutorial was no topstitching and a rolled edge on the serger for the hem. Also, if you're serging, go ahead and do that gathering with your serger. Set the stitch length to the longest setting and differential feed to 2. Then you pull on the SHORTEST thread in the chain to gather. Easy peasy (unless you pull on the wrong thread.)

More of these skirts might be on the horizon. Really, there is nothing like making clothes for your children. It makes me grin to see her sailing through the yard in something I made for her. What warms my heart even more is when she comes to me with a specific request that I make her something. She's already asked if I can make some more skirts so she can wear one every day of the week. Sweet, huh?

Happy birthday sweet girl. It has been a joy to be your mother for these amazing seven years. Thank you for every inspiring minute of it.


Anonymous said...

So happy... seven years of your sweet girl in my life! I'm a lucky Auntie. ;) -cin

Anonymous said...

The top one is my favorite!

Melissa said...

Happy birthday!! Such a lucky year, seven-- goodbye, little-childhood, hello big-girl world. Love those twirly skirts!

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Great skirts! I've been meaning to try to make clothes, I may start with this tute. My boy turns seven in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

The skirts are amazingly adorable and would love to purchase a couple from you if you should decide to start selling them. The photos are quite special as always! I know the birthday party was another memorable one, wish I could have been there. Much love to all! Noreen

Wendy said...

Beautiful skirts! And so satisfying to sew aren't they?!