Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just checking in....

Gentian violet
Apparently, I've become a once a week blogger which is fine. I promised myself I would write this blog without obligation. Life is really full right now, and in lots of good ways. Two school settings for two children means lots of volunteering and commitments to be fulfilled. There have been plenty of walks in the woods, feeding the worm farm, fishing and boating, and (for me) working hard at staying in the moment. Not much is getting done in taking care of the garden, but something has to give. I'm grateful that I'm not teaching this semester because I wouldn't relish trying to juggle one thing more.

I've been sewing quite a bit, here and there, but just don't quite have the time to take pictures of finished products. I skip away for ten minutes at a time and work on something, then back to whatever I was doing before. This means that projects come together, but sometimes over a series of very broken up days. There are a couple of new children's bags in my shop, and I need to take pictures of about 5 more and list them. I'm finishing up an order for a friend, and hopefully shipping that later today.

patchwork that was later turned into a sweet little tooth fairy pillow

Random things if you're still hanging with this fairly boring post .... I found great synthetic mid-weight long underwear for kids at Target. It is only $12 for top and bottoms, and equally as nice as anything found in Sierra Trading Post for kids. This is a bonus for us because we spend so much time outdoors, we've found long underwear to be the cat's pajamas. In the past, it's been difficult to find for kids in anything other than cotton, unless you place an order or spend the big bucks.

We're STILL making pesto. I am getting weary of making pesto, but today should be the last of it.

Alrighty then, I feel better having at least gotten to the computer to write a post. I'm still here, just crazy busy like everyone else and reminding myself to enjoy each day.

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Melissa said...

I never knew what a gentian violet really was... I've only read about it in books (and then there was the unfortunate "purple period" of our nursing it from the plant, that stuff?)

Glad to hear you are well-- we are expecting pictures of apples and foliage soon!