Friday, September 11, 2009

Soft spot for sock monkeys

I've got one... a soft spot for sock monkeys. I'm not exactly sure why because I don't specifically remember having one, but they were a part of my generation. Really though, what's not to love about a monkey?

So, I've made some more and they're in my shop. I downsized and made some sets with Crayola colored pencils too. It keeps the roll a little less pricey. Now, before you read the next paragraph I'll warn you that I have a serious bias. (Told you, I'm full of opinions.)

This is my sales pitch for the German made Faber-Castell. They're really just phenomenal for the $6 price difference. The pencil lead is thick and flows over the page. The colors blend. The triangular grip encourages proper hand position for young ones. They really are an artist's dream; I want to grab them up and start drawing. My guess is they last a lot longer too. They're made from wood that is from the company's own reforestation project. Do I sound like a Faber Castell rep? I could be, but I'm not. I really just love their products and I've noticed that my daughter intuits the differences in quality art supplies when she uses them. It's not like I stand over her and tell her which one I think is better. She just gravitates again and again to the higher quality art supplies. Even if you're going to make a roll of your own, consider purchasing these.

So there you go... sock monkeys and my favorite colored pencils. A nice combination for anyone. Should I ask Faber Castell for a commission on my sales?

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Melissa said...

I'll second the FC plug-- we used them when I was a Montessori teacher, and I realized that they both stay sharp longer, and last AGES longer than Crayola. I love your wraps!